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    positive review  Good service and very professional work. Good service and very professional work.

    Good service and very professional work Good service and very professional work
    4 February 2022

    positive review  Good service and very professional work

    Good service and very professional work Good service and very professional work
    21 January 2022

    positive review  the best dentists in Malaga . Two own clinics in Maqueda and Fuengirola. The best clinics and the treatment of ten

    Jojo San Martin Avatar Jojo San Martin
    14 October 2020

    positive review  An excellent clinic. The treatment is very close and friendly as well as very professional. Delighted with Dr. Alberto Cerezo. I recommend it 👍👍👍👍

    Juani Madrid Gonzalez Avatar Juani Madrid Gonzalez placeholder image
    26 March 2020

    positive review  I loved the treatment and the professionalism with which I was treated. 100% is clinic

    Lorena Aranda Avatar Lorena aranda
    26 March 2020

    positive review  I have been very happy and thanks for the detail 🖤🖤

    Paqui Benitez Lopez Avatar Paqui Benitez Lopez
    14 February 2020

    positive review  Great professionals. Super recommended!

    Maria GD Avatar Mary GD
    5 February 2020

    positive review  Of course I recommend it personal and great attention!!! Ten out of ten!!!🙌🏼

    Lorena Ordoñez Serrano Avatar Lorena Ordoñez Serrano
    29 January 2020

    positive review  Unbeatable treatment, great professionals! I definitely recommend it to 100%

    Carmen Arroyo Diaz Avatar Carmen Arroyo Diaz
    27 January 2020

    positive review  without a doubt a great clinic that of the lagoons, with great professionals

    Matias Pedraza Avatar Matias Pedraza
    29 December 2019

    positive review  Very good professionals at the Mijas Costa Clinic. The attention is extraordinary 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯💯💯

    Cristina Garcia Avatar Cristina Garcia
    29 December 2019

    positive review  Good professionals and unbeatable Cris attention

    Rafael Nuñez López Avatar Rafael Nuñez López
    23 December 2019

    positive review  I go to the clinic that is in Santa Rosalia Maqueda,they are all professionals, the lovely girls. recommended one hundred x one hundred

    Toñy Lopez Ariza Avatar Toñy Lopez Ariza
    18 December 2019

    positive review  I have been attending the Maqueda clinic for approximately 7 and 8 years and it is a pleasure to come for both dentists and assistants. I make a special point in the assistants since that pleasant and professional treatment that they offer you, at the same time they give you a lot of confidence and well-being and that motivates me to come back again and again.

    Sandra Palacios Avatar Sandra Palacios
    17 December 2019

    positive review  for me a 10 I have been in maqueda for several years and I have no complaints, all lovely and the truth is that for now very good result, thank you guys for everything

    Nuria Martos Avatar Nuria Martos
    11 December 2019

    positive review  Professional and attentive and the best. the attention.

    Diego Claros Ramirez Avatar Diego Claros Ramirez placeholder image
    6 December 2019

    positive review  I am a patient of the Maqueda Clinic which I recommend 100% for the professional treatment, staff and good prices

    Maria Ceres Avatar Maria Ceres
    4 December 2019

    positive review  They are really good and the best thing is Cristina's smile when receiving you, that creates trust.

    Paco Ma Avatar Paco Ma
    28 November 2019

    positive review  Good people and professionals.

    Juan Carlos Nuñez Lopez Avatar Juan Carlos Nunez Lopez
    22 November 2019

    positive review  Great professionals, and unbeatable jobs.

    Nerea Ruiz Avatar Nerea ruiz
    14 November 2019

    positive review  Good professionals and brilliant and always attentive reception at the reception.

    Pedro Gozalez Delgado Avatar Pedro Gozalez Delgado
    12 November 2019

    positive review  They are professionals and phenomenal workers. And what to say about cristina. A lovely person friendly. She has it all

    Inma Martin Garcia Avatar Inma Martin Garcia
    27 October 2019

    positive review  Cristina's sympathy hahaha

    Antonio Cruz Avatar Antonio Cruz
    16 October 2019

    positive review  The Mijas Costa clinic are wonderful, especially Estefania who fixes everything for us, overall great 😀

    Rosalia Raya's Avatar Rosalia Raya |
    10 October 2019

    positive review  Of course, Without hesitation, I would recommend this great team that has made me smile with joy again. 😘😘

    Begoña Ardao Perez Avatar Begoña Ardao Perez
    4 October 2019

    positive review  Highly recommended, professional and close!

    Ana Gonzalez Perez Avatar Ana Gonzalez Perez
    19 September 2019

    positive review  Fantastic treatment and great professionals

    Maria Jose Bueno Castillo Avatar Maria Jose Bueno Castillo
    19 September 2019

    positive review  An exceptional treatment from the first moment and a great professionalism on the part of the whole team.

    Maria Martin Bermudez Avatar Maria Martin Bermudez
    18 September 2019

    positive review  delighted with the treatment and the treatment of the staff, Javi a great professional and very attentive to me the best dental clinic in Fuengirola

    Amparo Rico Mora Avatar Amparo Rico Mora
    6 August 2019

    positive review  The attention of the staff and the pleasure with which they treat patients

    Marga Lozano Postigo Avatar Marga Lozano Postigo
    23 July 2019

    positive review  Thank you for the treatment received and the professionalism with which you treat patients. It is a pleasure to receive the assistants from Colmenar.

    Rosa González Fernández Avatar Rosa Gonzalez Fernandez
    18 July 2019

    positive review  Very good deal, they are always very friendly, efficient and fast, we moved from town but we keep coming to this dentist. Totally recommendable.

    Ana Villegas Diaz Avatar Ana Villegas Diaz
    9 July 2019

    positive review  I am very happy with this clinic. latest technology

    Reme Alcantara Avatar Row Alcantara
    9 July 2019

    positive review  The results obtained ... as well as all the diagnostic tests they have used. The assistants have treated me very well. very well explained in the office .. I go to Maqueda Santa Rosalia.

    Triana Lorena Juanjo Avatar Triana Lorena Juanjo
    5 July 2019

    positive review  of the 4 clinics I go to the model. good treatment and very good professionals. my whole family goes to them. I love

    Soledad Lobato Fuentes Avatar Soledad Lobato Fuentes
    27 May 2019

    positive review  an incredible deal, super happy and grateful, made it possible to regain the smile. Grateful at heart

    Pepi Crespillo Avatar Pepi Crespillo
    23 May 2019

    positive review  recommendable 100 for 100, an incredible deal, an exceptional staff always with a smile and good words

    Beatriz Balbuena Crespillo Avatar Beatriz Balbuena Crespillo
    23 May 2019

    positive review  Exquisite treatment, always with a smile on his face, They make you feel at home and very effective in their fast and quality work ... I recommend it 100%

    Isa BalCres Avatar One BalCres
    23 May 2019

    positive review  Your receptionist, very nice and professional

    Linda Calvache Maldonado Avatar Linda Calvache Maldonado
    11 April 2019

    positive review  qualified and experienced professionals, and great reception team, friendly and professional treatment.

    Eva Gloria Mena Muñoz Avatar Eva Gloria Mena Muñoz
    11 April 2019

    positive review  Superb front desk staff. Great professionalism and friendliness.

    Virginia Benítez Cuevas Avatar Virginia Benítez Cuevas
    11 April 2019

    positive review  To begin with, the excellent care received. the little ones when they go to review they come happy. Friendly treatment, familiar and loving. They work with top quality materials and everything is very clean. but above all, highlight the attention received.

    Raquel Morales Trascastro Avatar Rachel Morales Trascastro
    31 March 2019

    positive review  always very well attended by the team of professionals at Dentarlaser ... always ready to make a space when I need it during my holidays.

    Leo Martos Avatar Leo Martos
    21 March 2019

    positive review  Very happy and satisfied with the service (familiar trade), both by dentists and assistants / hygienists ... They are my trusted dentists 🙂

    Charo Roman Avatar Charo Roman
    21 March 2019

    positive review  They are wonderful professionals and wonderful assistants

    Inma Corral Leal Avatar Inma Corral Leal
    19 March 2019

    positive review  great attention. your very efficient dentists.

    Maria Isabel Galvez Sanchez Avatar Maria Isabel Galvez Sanchez
    19 March 2019

    positive review  all phenomenal they take care of you very well and some very good specialists

    Ana Belen Doblas Aguilar Avatar Ana Belen Doblas Aguilar
    18 March 2019

    positive review  They are great in their treatment and professionalism

    Mother Navas Perez Avatar Mother Navas Perez
    17 February 2019

    positive review  I recommend everything! I am super happy with the treatment I receive. I've only been wearing the brackets for a few months and everything is going great. Thanks for every piece of equipment!

    López Mgl Gómez Avatar Lopez Mgl Gomez
    14 February 2019

    positive review  I go to the one in Las Lagunas and they are great professionals and the treatment cannot be better ... they are super nice, I recommend it😉

    Lidia Pedroza Comino Avatar Lidia Pedroza Comino
    15 January 2019

    positive review  The care received and the results of the treatments have been very satisfactory.

    Loli García Gálvez Avatar Loli Garcia Galvez
    11 January 2019

    positive review  Very well attended and explained everything from the first hour. Offering me the different alternatives to solve my problem, as well as the various forms of payment. They are a great team.

    Carmen Bautista Avatar Carmen Bautista
    11 January 2019

    positive review  The deal, professionalism, trust and honesty.

    Isabel Molina Avatar Isabel Molina
    9 January 2019

    positive review  Very good team, very happy with my treatments.

    Paqui García Amores Avatar Paqui Garcia Amores
    9 January 2019

    positive review  Delighted with the deal.

    Paqui Subires Avatar Paqui Subires
    9 January 2019

    positive review  Fantastic team of people in general you feel like family and good professionals

    Rita Ruiz Avatar Rita Ruiz
    20 March 2018

    positive review  Very happy with the treatment given to my son from 8 years. Happy with her work!!

    Rocio Amador Fernandez Avatar Rocio Amador Fernandez
    7 June 2015

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