Conservative Dentistry and Prevention

Conservative dentistry is the technique by which the mouth is treated avoiding the extraction of the damaged tooth. It is used to restore areas damaged by cavities and other conditions., cleaning and treating damaged tissue without affecting the rest of the tooth, then sealing the treated area with a filling or filling.

Treatments used in Conservative Dentistry

These dental treatments are always focused on the same objective: Be as invasive as possible and trying to maintain the best condition of each of the original dental pieces at the end of the treatment. Therefore we recommend that the best action is prevention.


Endodontics is the removal of the inside of the tooth (pulp) of a piece in poor condition due to bacterial contamination or commonly called caries. This allows us to keep the tooth in function for a longer time in a correct state of health.. In just one consultation, the inside of the infected tooth is removed, completely cleaning all the ducts and eliminating all possible remaining infection. This guarantees that we can restore its functionality and health as well as aesthetics..


A dental filling is a restoration of a tooth that has been damaged by caries, what is commonly known as a filling, It consists of cleaning the dental cavity resulting from caries and then filling it with some material.. Currently these materials achieve a much more natural appearance and make the patient's smile stay as natural as possible..

Advantages of preserving parts

One of the most controversial and current issues of oral health goes through the classic dilemma of extracting or maintaining teeth. In our clinics the choice is clear, we always try to save natural teeth, since it produces different benefits for the patient, Neither smile nor chewing will be affected and there will be no need to use dental prosthetics..

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