The orthodontics that we carry out in our Dental Clinics, Consists of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems related to malposition of teeth, as well as the relationships between the maxillary and mandibular bones.
The correct alignment of the teeth, considerably improves aesthetics, hygiene, chewing and phonetics.
In Dentaláser Clinics, We perform complete studies of the initial situations of our patients, in order to choose the treatment plan that best suits the needs of each patient, which allows to shorten the treatment as far as possible and considerably improve the health of the patient and in the vast majority of cases, your smile.

What does the

orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that allows correcting the position of the teeth as well as occlusion or bite problems and improving the health of the gums..

In dental laser clinics we have a team of specialists in traditional orthodontics to the most modern and innovative treatments such as aesthetic orthodontics.

There are several techniques for its realization, some of them being "invisible" from aesthetic (ceramic, Sapphire), autoligables, lingual technique,invisible techniques (without brackets), etc.

Possibilities of

orthodontic treatments

At present, the orthodontic field has undergone great advances both in materials and in the different techniques for its application. In Dentaláser we are up to date on it, and our orthodontists have continued training with different Masters and getting certified in this way in order to offer the best results with these treatments.

Orthodontics with metal brackets

This treatment is applied by conventional orthodontics. Small pieces of metal stick ( brackets ) that are joined by means of arches and exerting different pressures on the dental pieces are aligned in the patient's mouth.

It requires monitoring by the orthodontist who changes the pressure gums and achieves short-medium term results.


Lingual orthodontics

The lingual brackets are carried on the inside of the teeth, so they are invisible to that person in front of you.

It is a true evolution in the development of the brackets as they are tailored for each patient, reducing discomfort and eliminating discomfort when speaking. These braces are suitable for adults with high aesthetic demands.

Orthodontics with cosmetic brackets

The operation of this system is similar to that of metal brackets. In this case, the bracket is made with different materials such as sapphire, porcelain and ceramics, that manage to blend with the tooth and serve to offer a more aesthetic result.

Invisible orthodontics. Invisalign®

It is the revolutionary technique of aligning teeth without metal appliances, through clear aligners which are plastic sleeves or splints that are placed over the teeth, and they get the teeth to be aligned in the correct way.

Being removable, allow the patient to remove them on some occasions.

Orthodontic treatments and its advantage

In recent times orthodontics is one of the most used treatments, both in children and adults.

It has an important role in improving oral health, respecting the teeth of the patient and achieving a beautiful and healthy smile., that improves the quality of life from a psychological point of view.

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