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Orthodontic treatments avant-garde and innovative


The orthodontics we do in nuetsra Dental Clinic in Fuengirola and Maqueda, Consists of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment problems related malposition of teeth, as well as relations between the jawbone and jaw. Proper alignment of the teeth, considerably improves aesthetics, hygiene, mastication and phonetics.

In clinical Dentalaser, We perform complete studies initial situations of our patients, so choose the treatment plan more suited to the needs of each patient, which allows shorten treatment as far as possible.

Types of orthodontic treatments in Dentalaser


1. fixed orthodontics: The brackets are fixed to the teeth, and these may be metal, ceramic or sapphire.

2. invisible orthodontics: virtually invisible and removable braces are used to straighten teeth. It is suitable for anyone who does not want to use another method for cosmetic or orthodontic work reasons.

3. lingual orthodontics: The brackets are attached to the tooth inside face, hiding so orthodontics. It is the most aesthetic option.

4. removable orthodontic: The patient may place and remove easily. It is usually used in children.

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