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Dentaláser Clinics are led by the Dr. Alberto Cerezo and together with his entire team of professionals he puts all his knowledge and vocation to offer all his patients a Quality Dentistry.

Our Principles

Caring for oral health and obtaining the well-being of all patients who place their trust in us, offering the best diagnostic and treatment techniques in a family environment of continuous innovation with the latest technology.

Our Values

The fundamental pillars of Dental Laser Clinics is the Professionalism and Involvement of the entire team, Empathy and Closeness with all the people who enter our clinics, the Confidence of our patients and innovation in oral health with new techniques.

Our Objetive

Make all our patients smile with our innovative and different project that has grown due to the commitment and experience of a team of professionals united under the medical direction of Doctor Alberto Cerezo.

Our best reward, the satisfaction
and the well-being of our patients.

Work Dentaláser Clinics

  • Since more of 30 years our job is to make you feel good and that your oral health is healthy, therefore your commitment is very important to us.
  • Our entire team of professionals is in continuous training to offer you a innovative treatment, always giving our best with a familiar trade, close and trustworthy.
  • In our clinics each patient is unique so we offer a personalized treatment in each of the prevention phases, restoration and maintenance.


Under our values


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