Pediatric dentistry

In our dental clinics the smallest also matter. Our team is specialized in caring for you, giving you the utmost love and feeling the greatest empathy so that you do not feel afraid of the dentist.. We are very proud of them because they behave phenomenally and it is a way that we have from the clinic to prevent oral diseases and to detect and diagnose any problem that may occur in the future and stop it. We are very dedicated to prevention and training, because it is the way to have healthy teeth throughout life.

The importance

of the visit to

dentist in the smallest.

Control of the final dentition is very important, when the baby tooth falls out, to monitor chewing, interdental space, speech problems from the teeth and, the most important, to instill in children a good oral health education.

Adapted treatments
at the age of

Our pediatric dentistry experts are happy working with the little ones in the house, They are in continuous training and full of patience to make it a pleasant and fearless experience for our children..
It is important to take into account the check-ups in children to see if it is necessary to make a filling to avoid damaging the nerve or if it is necessary to do some thorough cleaning to keep the piece and follow the correct course of the dentition.


In our clinics the little ones will live a whole experience in which they will learn and most importantly we will make them have fun making their stay in the clinic as pleasant as possible.

Oral health education

Our team will instill dental health care in the little ones, teaching them the importance of good hygiene so that they learn good habits., in this way we will avoid many of the ailments suffered by the elderly for not taking good care of these hygiene habits.

DENTALÁSER Children's Care Program

Our Clinics have a Child Care program, provided to children between 6 and 15 years resident in Andalusia, to receive basic dental care and special treatments for free.


Do you want an Oral Education Talk?

If you are a teacher or teacher and you want your students to receive a talk on oral education. If you have a children's association or any organization where you want to instill dental hygiene habits in children, Do not hesitate to contact us

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