Do you need to make a dental implant in Fuengirola and you still don't know what it is exactly and what it consists of? In Dentaláser tand we provide all the information, so that you know in depth the treatment that you are going to undergo.

What exactly are dental implants?

The dental implants are the best solution on the market for replace missing teeth. It consists of the use of titanium screws, that through a surgical intervention, are placed in the jawbone, replacing the missing tooth root.

In Dentaláser, we recommend the dental implants in Fuengirola, whenever the loss of a tooth is usually followed by the loss of jawbone, because it can be the source of much more serious problems, like overbite, loss of other teeth or consequences on the facial appearance.

Placement of dental implants in Fuengirola

First, in Dentaláser (Dental Clinic in Fuengirola), we perform by radiographic tests, studies of the state of the bone where the dental implant will be placed later.

For it, the traditional placement procedure, consists of the application of anesthesia in the area where it is going to be performed, proceeding later to prepare the bone where the dental implant will be placed in Fuengirola.

For it, the preparation it is made by means of a sequence of drills that have the shape of the implant, introducing them from smallest to largest until creating the exact location where the dental implant should go.

In the last stage, the implant will be placed, proceeding to close the wound with stitches, if an opening has been necessary.

Dental implants in Fuengirola: A safe treatment

In Dentaláser we encourage you to lose your fear of this treatment, since it is a very safe treatment, with success stories that exceed the 98%.

Must take into account, that in the event that the part is rejected or any complication appears, the risk of deteriorating health and weight problems is almost non-existent. In these cases, the removal of the implant and subsequent placement is sufficient, after healing the area.

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