Dentaláser, Dental clinic specialized group formed by large dentists in Fuengirola. Our extensive journey in the world of dentistry supports each of our services offered, and is that in Dentaláser We perform orthodontic treatments, dental implantology and general dentistry.

Orthodontic treatments in Fuengirola

If you are looking for professional dentists in Fuengirola, in Dentaláser we put at your disposal a team of highly experienced professionals, high knowledge of the latest techniques and continuous training, to offer you a quality service and maximum guarantee.

Thus, in our dental clinic in Fuengirola we prevent, we diagnose and treat all problems related to malposition of the denture, as well as the relationships between the mandibular and maxillary bones.

With us orthodontic treatments, you will achieve a perfect dental alignment, consequently improving hygiene, aesthetics, chewing and phonetics.

further, our dentists in Fuengirola are specialized in fixed orthodontic treatments, invisible, lingual and removable.

Benefits of choosing our dentists in Fuengirola

With the Dentallaser treatments, you will not only benefit from advantage traditional orthodontic treatments, such as a better smile and aesthetics, reducing the risk of future dental problems, among others, but choosing us you will benefit from:

  1. First consultation with fully embedded diagnostics free, designing personalized dental treatments.
  2. Technology latest generation formed by 3D TAC, rvg, Orthopantomography, CAD-CAM, etc.
  3. Financing service up to 5 years, adjusting as much as possible to the treatment you need.
  4. Integral service by our dentists in Fuengirola, formed in odontology, implantology and orthodontics.
  5. More of 25 years of experience as dentists throughout the Costa del Sol.

Request your first free appointment at Dental Laser

If you have not visited the dentist for a long time or have any type of dental discomfort or malocclusion, do not hesitate to contact Dentaláser and go to a first consultation totally free.

In it we will diagnose your case individually and we will inform you in detail. Choose professionalism and quality.

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