Dentaláser It is a clinic formed by dentists in the center of Fuengirola, a Dental clinic different, in which you will receive a series of quality services provided to our patients with the aim of solving any malocclusion or oral problem What present.

In Dentaláser you will receive the free first consultation, in which we will tell you if you suffer from any problem related to your dental health, offering a team of dentists specialists who carry out their work in Fuengirola, and high experience as a specialized Dental Clinic, with a path of more than 25 years.

Dentist services in the center of Fuengirola

In Dentaláser we offer a wide range of specialized services, performed by dentists high knowledge. In our Dental Clinic in Fuengirola we provide the following services:

  1. General odontology, with the aim of preventing, diagnose and treat diseases of the stomatognathic system in different localities of the province of Málaga, like in Fuengirola, Maqueda, Colmenar and Mijas Costa.

In general dentistry consultations, our dentists treat the most conventional problems, like cavities, root canals or periodontics problems.

  1. Implantology, with the aim of replacing the missing teeth in the mouths of our patients. It involves placing a titanium root, in order to place a crown, thus achieving that the missing part is replaced with total comfort and safety.
  2. Specialized Orthodontic Treatments, since we not only offer traditional orthodontic treatments in Fuengirola, but in our Clinic we prevent, we diagnose and treat problems of malposición dental with other more innovative techniques, being more aesthetic and equally reliable, Like the invisible or incognito treatments.

Choose our dentists in the center of Fuengirola

The Dental Laser Clinic It is located in the center of Fuengirola, but we provide services in other locations: Colmenar, Mijas Costa and Maqueda. Thanks to the service offered by our dentists, you will get great advantages, and is that in Dentaláser We only offer state-of-the-art technology to treat you, for example: CAD-CAM, TAC 3D, rvg, orthopantomography and much more.

further, if you cannot afford the direct payment of your treatments, in Dentaláser we offer financing service of up to 5 years, adjusting to the needs of each of our patients.

Choose us and get a comprehensive dental service, characterized by professional and honest treatments.

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