Dentaláser, how Dental Clinic in Maqueda specialized, we take care of dentistry and stomalogogy to diagnose, treating and preventing diseases of the stomatognathic system, which includes teeth, el periodonto, the temporomandibular joint and the neuromuscular system.

Most popular orthodontic treatments

The world of Orthodontics It is broad, but in the Dental Clinic Dental Laser located in Maqueda, you can choose from various dental treatments to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. Thus, we are specialized in treatments fixed orthodontic, invisible, lingual and removable:

  1. Fixed orthodontic treatments: Conventional brackets are used in this type of treatment, fixed to the external face of the denture and which may be metallic, ceramic or sapphire.
  2. Invisible orthodontic treatments: The best example is Invisalign, the best-known brand, consisting of the placement of transparent invisible and removable splints, being very useful to end dental malpositions efficiently and quickly. It is characterized by placing splints made to measure for each patient, which will be modified throughout the treatment to achieve the desired result. It is an aesthetic treatment and almost imperceptible from the outside.
  3. Lingual orthodontic treatments: This type of treatment is characterized and distinguished by the braces placed on the inside of the denture, the best known being Incognito of the 3M brand. These are gold aligners that will be imperceptible from the outside, ensuring an aesthetic and highly effective treatment.
  4. Removable orthodontic treatments: These types of treatments can be easily removed and placed by the patient, ensuring hygiene and comfort to eat from the first moment. A very comfortable and effective treatment.

What will happen to my teeth once the treatment is finished?

As experts in oral treatments, We know that there are numerous patients who constantly ask themselves if they will always keep their teeth in place.. And because of that, we want to explain what the maintenance tasks once a orthodontic treatment.

Al finish a treatment of orthodontics, the usual thing is to place retaining devices, which are devices that are used in the retention phase, that is to say, the post-orthodontic treatment phase.

The mission of this type of apparatus is to give stability to results that have been achieved with the orthodontic treatment carried out in the Dental clinic, since the teeth and tissues have not completely adjusted to the new position achieved. These devices are necessary to maintain the position results, making it possible for the tissues to settle correctly.

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