To maintain healthy teeth, we recommend you visit our dental clinic in Maqueda Dental Laser or to the dentist every six months for a professional to perform a thorough dental cleaning, without prejudice to the daily oral hygiene habits that you must follow.

These healthy habits and the denture check in our dental clinic in Maqueda will allow you to maintain healthy teeth and, in some cases, be able to detect in time any problem that may affect the teeth, especially the appearance of cavities.

Recommendations from Dentallaser, dental clinic in Maqueda

  • The first recommendation is to be constant in your oral hygiene, brushing your teeth gently and slowly, from up to down (and vice versa) after each meal, flossing and proper mouthwash.
  • If you eat something between meals, it is recommended to proceed with dental cleaning, not forgetting to brush your tongue, back to front.
  • Brush or head, in case of electric brush, must be renewed every three months, and from our dental clinic in Maqueda we recommend the use of the electric brush that is more effective.
  • Once the brushing is done, dental floss should be used, passing it through the interdental spaces gently but firmly, avoiding damaging the gums.
  • To end, we recommend a mouthwash, using one recommended by a professional.

Good habits…better dental and oral health

To have good dental and oral health, avoiding the appearance of the dreaded cavities, you have to avoid certain eating habits or of any other kind, such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Since Dentaláser, Maqueda dental clinic, we recommend that, if you eat between meals, especially sweets and other carbohydrates, you will have to brush your teeth and if you don't have that possibility, you can chew sugarless gum, which helps eliminate bacteria by increasing salivation.

Consult Dentallaser, Maqueda Dental Clinic

Caries prevention is a health education problem that must be done from childhood, and it is in your power to teach him good oral hygiene habits, without forgetting that it is necessary to make a regular visit to the dentist.

Our Maqueda dental clinicDentaláser We help you to enjoy healthy teeth and offer you services of general dentistry, implantology and orthodontics.


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