In Dentaláser, Dental Clinic in Fuengirola, you can benefit from innovative dental treatments by a human team with high experience in dentistry, characterized by offering high seriousness, more of 25 years of experience and a team of professional dentists who provide their services in Fuengirola, Mijas, Maqueda and Colmenar.

further, in the Dental Clinic Dental Laser located in Fuengirola, you will get the following advantage:

  1. The first consultation is always free, including consultation and personalized diagnosis. Our dentists in Fuengirola will offer you a personalized treatment designed just for you.
  2. We use cutting edge technology, offering our patients the latest technology, how: CAD-CAM, TAC 3D, rvg, Orthopantomography, and much more.
  3. With us, you may finance your treatment, with a limit of up to 5 years. For it, we adjust to your needs and your possibilities.
  4. We offer a comprehensive dental service, with dental specialists, implantology and orthodontics.
  5. We have own clinics and health owners, in order to offer honest dental treatments.

Treatments at our Dental Clinic in Fuengirola

In the Dental Laser Dental Clinic in Fuengirola, we are experts in General odontology, Implantology and Orthodontic Treatments.

As experts in Dentistry in Fuengirola, we cover prevention, diagnosis and treatment of stomatognathic diseases, what includes teeth, the temporomandibular joint, the structures of the oral cavity, the palate, la muscosa oral, salivary glands, teeth, lips and tonsils.

In the field of odontology, Most of the treatments performed on patients belong to caries, root canals and periodontic problems.

As experts in Implantology in Fuengirola, we replace missing teeth by placing crowns. We managed to replace the natural piece with an artificial one with great functionality and aesthetics.

As experts in orthodontics in Fuengirola, we carry out treatments to prevent, diagnose and treat problems related to dental malpositions, also taking into account the existing relationships between the maxillary and mandibular bones.

We try to get a correct teeth alignment, improving the esthetic, hygiene, chewing and phonetics. For it, we offer fixed orthodontic treatments, lingual, removable and invisible.

You need one Dental Clinic in Fuengirola high quality and professionalism? Come to Dentaláser.

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